About CHE International

Over 80 Years Experience In Industry

AWS-D1.1 Certified Welders

CHE International was founded in 1988 by industry leading engineers in the Automotive, Aerospace and Commercial manufacturing industries. CHE has over 80 years combined staff experience manufacturing over 2000 industrial furnaces for the metals processing industry internationally. With a 20,000+ square foot manufacturing facility located in Anaheim, CA, CHE has capabilities and experience to manufacture the following products for our clients:

  • Drop Bottom Furnaces
  • Car Bottom Furnaces
  • Gantry Furnaces
  • Age and Annealing Furnaces
  • Shaker Hearth Furnaces
  • Draw Furnaces
  • Conveyor Furnaces
  • Exothermic and Endothermic Generators
  • Roller Hearth Furnaces
  • Melting Furnaces

State-of-the-Art Capabilities

CHE International utilizes SolidWorks® and AutoCAD® software to custom design equipment and components for our clients. With our 3-D rendering and modeling capability you can be assured of quality results when you purchase CHE products.

CHE also provides Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on critical furnace components to ensure the structural integrity of each product. FEA analysis ensures designs with energy efficiency in mind, which lowers utility costs for our clients.

Each product can also be equipped with customized programmable logic control and touch screen human machine interface for ease of operation and ease of maintenance.

With all of our state-of-the-art capabilities, CHE designs industry leading equipment for long-term ease of use and operation.

Quality Products - Built To Last

Only AWS-D1.1 certified welders are used to fabricate our furnaces, with attention to material thickness and welding strength as our number one priority. CHE furnace insulation linings are designed with energy efficiency and durability to supply long-term service to our clients. All manufactured equipment is covered by our factory one-year warranty.

CHE always adheres to ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance requirements and can provide UL listed electrical enclosures to ensure the highest quality - safest products for our clients.

Our philosophy has always been to provide durable equipment built to last, with long-term customer service to support our client's needs. For over 20 years CHE has proven to be an industry leader in furnace manufacturing and service support.

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