Custom Manufactured Roller Hearth Furnace for the Pressurized Cylinder Industry

Roller Hearth Furnace
Roller Hearth Furnace

A local company in the cylinder industry was seeking a custom furnace designed for the quenching of their parts in a semi-automated process. As leaders in the furnace manufacturing industry, CHE International was commissioned to design and manufacture a solution, creating an innovative roller hearth furnace with integrated components including a Spyro-Cor system installed in the exhaust leg of the furnace for temperature uniformity, and an efficient SCADA industrial control system. Design challenges to overcome included a small rigging space, and limited available height. This unit featured a vertical hydraulic quench capability, carrying out the required quenching operation within the specified quench speed with distortion minimized by a Tenaxol UCON A polymer quenching process.

The completed unit was an in-direct gas fired system, with overall dimensions of 7' x 8' x 14' and a temperature range of 600 to 1000 °F. Fabrication met AMS 2750 E, AMS 2770 J industry standards outlining industrial heat treatment requirements. Turnaround time for this project was 24 weeks, delivered to the customer in California, USA. The customer provided positive feedback, reporting a reliable quench and good temperature uniformity survey. For more details about this cost effective custom furnace fabrication project or our other custom designing capabilities please see the table below contact us directly.

Roller Hearth Furnace Project Highlights

Project Name
Roller Hearth Furnace
Project Description
A cylinder company was looking for a furnace design to quench their parts in a semi-automated process.
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Overall Furnace Dimensions
7' X 8' X 14'
Temperature Range
600-1000 °F
Heating System
In-Direct Gas Fired
Scada Package
Industry for Use
Pressurized Cylinder
Delivery/Turnaround Time
24 Weeks
Delivery Location
California, USA
Standards Met
AMS 2750 E, AMS 2770 J
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