Custom Manufacturing of Car Bottom Furnaces for the Forging Industry

Car Bottom Furnace
Car Bottom Furnace

A customer in the forging industry commissioned CHE International to design and fabricate two custom car bottom furnaces, used in producing seamless forged rings. These furnaces were designed with a 50,000 lb capacity, achieved with the integration of special alloy grids and piers along with ceramic fiber flooring. The alloy grids feature low deflection at the elevated temperatures, and the floors and piers used are able to absorb an abundant amount of heat. The direct gas fired units were fabricated and fully assembled on-site, and subjected to an in process and post-production temperature uniformity survey to verify quality and ensure the upholding of AMS 2750 D standards.

One furnace operates at a temperature range of 600-1200 °F, and the other at 1200-1450 °F. Overall dimensions of the completed units were 8' X 18' X 16', built after a turnaround time of 16 weeks and delivered to the customer in Georgia, USA. Customer satisfaction with these units led to a continued relationship, completing 2 additional furnaces for the client. For more details about this custom car bottom furnace design and manufacturing project or the other standard and custom industrial furnaces available please see the table below or contact us directly.

Car Bottom Furnace Project Highlights

Project Name
Car Bottom Furnaces
Project Description
These car bottom furnaces are used for seamless forged rings and has wide ranges of survey performance.
Capabilities Applied/Processes

Overall Furnace Dimensions
8' X 18' X 16'
Temperature Range
(1) 600-1200 °F, (1) 1200-1450 °F
Heating System
Direct Gas Fired
Cast Alloy Piers
Cast Alloy Grids
In Process Testing/Inspection Performed
Temperature Uniformity Survey
Industry for Use
Delivery/Turnaround Time
16 Weeks
Delivery Location
Georgia, USA
Standards Met
AMS 2750 D
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