Oil Quench Tank to Polymer Conversion

Oil Quench Tank to Polymer Conversion
Oil Quench Tank to Polymer Conversion

The cost saving and specialized knowledge and capabilities available at CHE International are displayed in the project highlighted here, where our client was facing a unique situation and needed a 5,000 gallon tank fabricated and installed within a 2 month time period. Employing our highly developed fabrication processes and state-of-the-art equipment designs, mild steel was formed and welded into the specified contours by certified welders, reaching 96" x 28' in square measurements. An epoxy finish was applied for a tough protective coating.

Their existing application utilized oil as a quenchant. Our engineers redesigned their system, converting it to a safer and more environmentally sound polymer based system. This was completed with the help of Tenaxol, a company we proudly represent. A cost saving mechanism for glycol users was also incorporated: employing a batch style separation system, used glycol can be recycled and dirty water is discarded. Clean water is then added to the system, reusing the glycol. This system is easy to use and is appropriate for a number of industry applications. We were able to meet the time constraints of this project, as well as working with the limited available space and overcoming plumbing difficulties faced during the project. For more details about this custom glycol separator fabrication, or the other industrial furnaces and heat elements we produce please see the table below or contact us directly.

Quench Tank Project Highlights

Project Name
Quench Tank
Project Description
This 5,000 gallon quench tank is used as a glycol separator for dual purpose applications.
Capabilities Applied/Processes
System Redesign

Overall Part Dimensions
Diameter: 96" X 28'
Capacity: 5000 gallons
Material Used
Mild Steel
Material Finish
Epoxy Finish
Industry for Use
Delivery/Turnaround Time
2 months
Delivery Location
California, Georgia, Mexico, Romania
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