Standard Gantry Style Aluminum Solution Treating Furnaces

Gantry Furnace

CHE manufactures a top of the line, industrial grade gantry furnaces for a wide range of products within the heat process industry. Our engineering team can design a system to meet your site-specific requirements or you can chose from our list of standard sizes.

CHE Standard Gantry Vertical Aluminum Solution Heat Treating Furnaces

Work Zone
Max Load
Quench Tank
3' OD x 18' H
3,000 LB
8,000 GAL
3' OD x 33' H
6,000 LB
21,000 GAL
3' OD x 43' H
6,000 LB
24,000 GAL
4' x 4' x 26' H
8,000 LB
12,000 GAL
5' OD x 43' H
8,000 LB
24,000 GAL

*With CHE's state-of-the-art capabilities we can also build custom sized equipment meeting all client requirements.

Standard Features for CHE Gantry Furnaces

Meets current AMS-2770 and AMS 2750
Furnace Construction
Long life design
¼" A-36 Steel outer shell design
Heavy duty channel supports throughout
8" Ceramic fiber lining throughout
Epoxy enamel coated externally
AWS Certified welding of all materials
Bottom Door System
Recta-linear motion
Air tight seal maintains uniformity in work zone
Door gasket life is extensive
Hoist System
Variable speed electric motor/braking design
Years of trouble-free operation
Ease of maintenance by staff
Off the shelf components for ease of repair
Seven to fifteen second quench time
Airflow System
Vertical down airflow system
Uniform heating over work load
High performance fan with high air change ratio
Maintains ±5 °F temperature uniformity
Control System
Digital temperature and high limit controllers
PLC with human operator Interface
Digital chart recorder for compliance monitoring
Tracks start/end times, soak times, load weight
Reports are easily printed and stored
Quench Tank System
¼" Material construction with strong reinforcement
Epoxy enamel coated externally
Epoxy coated internally
Heavy duty steel caster/rail transport system
Large capacity tank for thermal absorption
Automatic furnace positioning
Hot or cold systems for water or polymer applications
Heating System
Direct gas fired, radiant tube fired or all electric
Low NOx direct gas fired burner design available
Energy efficient technology
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