Custom Furnaces for Industry Built to Last

CHE was established in 1988 and has over 80 years combined staff experience in manufacturing industrial furnaces for the Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, Environmental, Solid Waste and Military Industries. Our philosophy is to provide very durable equipment built to last, combined with long-term customer service to support our clients on going needs.

We can customize each furnace to fit your site-specific requirements with our on-staff engineering team. With an attention to detail, CHE Furnaces builds a high-quality industry leading product that can last for decades.

CHE Furnaces is also a company who will not shy away from a challenging R&D project or your on site issues. If you have a specialty project that might be more than most companies will take on, CHE Furnaces is the company to solve your problem. Our staff of engineers, electricians, service technicians and certified welders have all worked on highly technical projects worldwide and our combined experience is second to none.